Congratulations to all of the wonderful Nominees for the Camano Island & Stanwood Chambers Business People of the Year Awards.  We had a record number of votes submitted this year – and each and every one of the nominees should be recognized for their great work and contributions to our community.

And the 2021 Business People of the Year Award Winners are…

Man of the Year – Levon Yengoyan – Camano Island Fire & Rescue

Levon’s commitment to the care and safety of Island residents is outstanding all year long.  This year in particular, he spear-headed and managed a Covid vaccination site for Camano.  No vaccination sites for Camano were being contemplated until Levon began this effort.  It was an unanticipated budget and manpower drain but he made it work because, in his own words, “It is the right thing to do.”

Woman of the Year – Casey Miller – The Skin & Hair Care Lounge Salon & Spa

Casey is not just a goal setter, she’s a goal achiever. She has broken the mold of a traditional salon and spa. She opens at 6:00 am for those of us who have busy workdays. She embraces technology. Casey has some advanced state of the art equipment — right here in Stanwood, unmatched by some of the high-end Seattle facilities. She had the first “Green Salon” in Stanwood. Just one bag of garbage hits the dumpster from Casey’s salon every day – everything else is recycled. Her products and retail are first class and high quality. Casey is an excellent businesswoman, she won’t settle. She is always growing, finding a way, and taking her business to the next level.

Entrepreneur of the Year – Jesse Childress – The Baked Cafe & Sub Joint

Jesse and his crew continue to amaze!   Like many businesses, specifically restaurants , “pivoting” has been the key to survival.  The Baked Cafe takes the cake ( or the bread! ) on pivoting.  While most restaurants have had to curtail delivery options, The Baked Cafe continues to deliver to Camano- wow!  Not only are they there for the community, I challenge you to find a local restaurant with a “supply chain” issue with burger buns that gets them from the Baked Cafe.  They deliver in more ways than one. Great job Jesse, our community is lucky to have you.

Business of the Year – SAAL Brewing Company

SAAL is a consistently delicious food spot that is well designed to bring family & friends together in commonality. Sincere customer service with quality fare & beverage.

Jeannie Ovenell Award Winner – Jeanie Garrioch

Each year the Board of Directors for each Chamber take turns nominating an award winner for the Jeanie Ovenell Award given to an individual who has demonstrated great volunteer service to our community.  This year – the Stanwood Chamber Board of Directors honored Jeanie Garrioch as the 2021 award recipient.

”When we were looking for a qualified recipient for our Jeannie Ovenell Award I asked a group of people in Stanwood and what came back to me was overwhelmingly in favor of just one person. The more I learned of this person, the more I was in awe of her.   She is a person who has a heart of service.  As I had it put to me “Prepare to feel insignificant”.   And “She does more in one year, than I’ve done in 40”. Then I listened to all she has been a part of and they were right.  She’s pretty amazing. She has volunteered in many roles ranging from Volunteering at the American Legion and assisting with Scholarships for Stanwood Students.  She is a Master Gardener, she volunteers at the Stanwood Camano Food Bank, and is currently involved with our school district in testing our 1st and 2nd graders When I spoke with her, she was very surprised to hear that she was nominated.  Another great statement about such a giving person. I’d like to announce Jeanie Garrioch as the 2021 recipient of the Jeannie Ovenell award. Thank you Jeanie for all you do for our Community. ” – Judy Williams Stanwood Chamber President