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The Camano Law Enforcement Support Foundation (CLESF) will present a free Firearms Safety Course
Saturday, September 24, 2022, beginning 2:30 pm at the Camano Island Multi-Purpose Building, 141 E.
Camano Drive.
Flip ARNOLD will present the course. Flip brings twenty years as a certified instructor for pistol and
personal protection inside the home. He is a certified Chief Range Safety Officer, Range Safety Officer at
a local gun range, and has been active in shooting sports for overt fifty years.

The CLESF mission is to support programs and activities of the Island County Sheriff’s Department and
State Park Rangers on Camano Island. Additionally, the Foundation assists and promotes the education
of Camano Island residents in public safety and programs that help law enforcement on Camano Island.
The Foundation, a 501(c)3 IRS approved non-profit organization, operates as a non-partisan organization
for the benefit of all the citizens of Camano Island. All the programs and projects undertaken by CLESF
are free to members of law enforcement and are free to the public.
Seating is limited, we recommend you register on line at www.clesfoudnation,org. Admission is FREE.
For more information about the Foundation, please go to clesfoundation.org or submit a request for
more information at [email protected]



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