Check-In Every Day you Quest

Welcome to the 15th Annual Northwest Glass Quest! We are so excited about this event and it helps us tremendously to be able to capture data for future grants that in turn support the event!

We also ask that while this is a FREE event you consider donating to keep the event going in the future – all funds donated are used for the marketing and promotion of the event (plus for every $10 you donate you will be entered into a drawing for the #1 or #2 glass ball).

You may “check-in” online once per day – each entry will be submitted for a daily drawing of a 2024 Glass Quest ball. In addition all daily check-ins go into a drawing a St. Patrick’s Day. Make sure to check out our Kind Quester Program (this was new in 2023 – and we can’t wait to continue it) that will give you another option to get a prize.  There are multiple ways to win!

Please do NOT submit multiple entries per day – it will disqualify you from the drawing.

The form will activate on the first day of the event – February 16, 2024

The Check-In Form for the 2024 has closed for entries since the event has ended. Looking forward to seeing you in 2025.