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848 N Sunrise Boulevard, Camano Island, Washington, United States 98282
Twenty years ago, our founder, Jeff Ericson, heard a man speak about the extreme poverty pf the rural poor in Central America. That man was Skip Li, the Founder of Agros -- a nonprofit formed to help the farmers of Central America purchase their own land and thereby break the chains of poverty.
Having recently tried his hand at coffee roasting, Jeff thought what if we could support Agros with coffee. So he set about sourcing the highest grade beans -- all organic, shade-grown, and fairly traded -- roasting them in his barn here on Camano Island. Before he knew it he had a line of cars waiting to pull into his driveway to grab a bag before he ran out.
Twenty years later Camano Island Coffee Roasters roasts and ships the Top 1% grade of coffee to thousands of Coffee Lovers across the country within 48 hours -- creating the freshest coffee experience possible. Every Coffee Lovers Club shipment gives back to Agros to help them continue their good work. 48 Agros villages formed across Central America have broken the chains of poverty for 24,000 farmers.
In recent years we have expanded our project. In addition to supporting Agros we're also helping Food 4 Farmers. This incredible nonprofit helps coffee farmers diversify their crops -- expanding into tilapia fish farming, and bee-keeping. This diversification enables them to provide food for their families, if their coffee crop fails. Diversification also gives them a secondary form of income.
If you’ve never tried our coffee before, feel free to get your first bag on us, when you try the Coffee Lovers Club. If it’s not the best coffee you’ve ever tried, feel free to simply cancel. But be careful! Once you try this coffee, you might have a hard time giving it up!
Click this link to get your first bag free: https://goo.gl/S3dVgz
Camano Island Coffee Roasters
The Coffee That Helps You Sleep At Night