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Elger Bay Preserve Trail, Camano, WA, USA, Camano Island, Washington, United States

One of many nice dayhike options on Camano Island, Elger Bay Preserve has several interpretative trails featuring beautiful views across Elger Bay.

At the trailhead sign, take a right onto a wide, grassy path. The trail rolls up and down as it approaches your first junction. Turn right onto the South Hill section of the trail. At the top of the hill, there is an amphitheater that makes a great picnic area or learning center.

Continue on the South Hill Trail until the next junction, where you’ll connect back to the main nature loop. The trail meanders through the woods with the occasional muddy area or downed tree, but it’s clear this trail is well-maintained. There are nature identification signs and posts with directions marking every junction.

At 1.1 miles, you come upon the Beaver Marsh, a good place to stop for a snack or a drink of water. This marsh, combined with the amphitheater, makes this trail a great resource for educators to learn about nature, LNT principles, and ecosystems.

Continue along the trail and take a left at the next junction, following the path to its end at the same trailhead sign.