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8820 Viking Village, Stanwood, Washington, United States 98292
Uff Da Shoppe Welcome Gnome

Ya Sure Ya Betcha!

It's the original "Uff Da Shoppe" in Stanwood, WA!! Established in 1981, this little Shoppe has delighted the local community, Scandinavians and all nationalities for over 25 years. There is something for everyone at the Uff Da Shoppe, ranging from Scandinavian cookware to German Christmas ornaments, Uff Da University t-shirts and diplomas, Swedish electric candle trees...and much more.

Camano Islanders always have a fine selection of beach and nautical gifts for friends and relatives.

Make the Uff Da Shoppe your next destination, one hour North of Seattle and one hour South of Bellingham!

Visitors enjoy shopping while listening to music of many cultures, along with our own local celebrities, Stan Boreson and Harry Lindbeck

What does "uffda" mean?

"Uffda" is a fun expression used by Norwegians and other nationalities. It's a polite expression generally referring to a mistake or an "oh darn" experience, or even a "whoops!" Everyone has uffdas. Let's hope all of yours are good ones.


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