Welcome to Camano Island Podcast

Introducing the Welcome to Camano Island Podcast presented by The Camano Island Chamber of Commerce. 

Tune is as we keep you up to date with events, the ins and outs of living on an island, and hearing from different people living in our community.  Whether you just moved here, been an islander for many years or are just visiting – join us as we explore The Easy Island together.

Episode 1: Why we are doing this podcast

Episode Summary: We are so excited to launch the Welcome to Camano Island Podcast.  In this initial episode we discuss how the idea behind this podcast began and what you can expect for future episodes.

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Episode 2: Events in Stanwood & Camano Island in 2022

Episode Summary: In this Episode of the Welcome to Camano Island Podcast, we talk about some of the big summer events that go on here in the Stanwood Camano Area! For such a small town, we have a ton of large events that go on throughout the year! In this episode we focus on the events that happen for the summer months.  Make sure to get these on your calendar!

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Episode 3: Parks & Trails of Camano Island

Episode Summary: Today, I interview Tom Eisenberg from Friends of Camano Island Parks and Alannah Johansen with WA State Parks. We get into the history of Camano Island, what are the best parks for kids, dogs, and just walking or running! Find out all great places to explore on the easy island!

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