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Introducing the Welcome to Camano Island Podcast presented by The Camano Island Chamber of Commerce. 

Tune is as we keep you up to date with events, the ins and outs of living on an island, and hearing from different people living in our community.  Whether you just moved here, been an islander for many years or are just visiting – join us as we explore The Easy Island together.

Episode 13: Art Unleashed: Exploring the Stanwood Camano Art Scene with Amy Bush and Cat Olson


In this episode, we’re excited to have Amy Bush from CAA and Cat Olson from SCAAC join us as we explore the vibrant art scene in the Stanwood Camano area. As the 24th Annual Camano Island Studio Art Tour approaches, we’ll discuss the impact of local art groups, their contributions to the community, and how they foster creativity and collaboration among artists. Dive into the world of art with us, learn about the upcoming Art Tour, and discover how these organizations are making a difference in the local art scene. This is the perfect episode for art enthusiasts and supporters alike – don’t miss it!
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Brandon Ericson (Camano Voice), Amy Bush (President – CAA and Owner of LoyalSmith Jewelry), Cat Olson (Executive Director of SCAAC)


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